Monday, October 14, 2013

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North Andover High Punishes Teen For Giving Drunken Pal Ride Home From Party!!

  I know I normally blog about Manga or Anime related topics. But when I happen to be going over the news today before I started my posts, I came across this. Now as a grown adult don't we teach our children to do the right thing? An when we're not around we pray that we've taught them well enough to make the right choices??? We all know that teens will find ways to have fun! Come on you know you did it too. Its just apart of growing up. But when someone calls a friend/family member/etc... Shouldn't we help them? I myself have had friends call me for a "SAFE RIDE" home!!. And I've called for the same thing in return!! 

  Don't we enforce a "DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE" into our children? I remember being in school, and this was always talked about!! Even in college as a freshmen they talk about this, they even had a whole class that you are required to take. It's like man my parents would tell me, even my other friends parents! They were only looking out for our safety. Which is a good thing!! Right???

 We can tell when others around us are intoxicated! It's even easier to tell if a teen is. I've worked at different establishments where people can get this way. Don't we call them a safe ride home? YES!! Or we make sure someone is coming to get them. Is that not the right thing to do? Don't we want to lower the rate of people being harmed or killed from drinking and driving? 

  I guess the point I'm getting at is why should we punish for someone only trying to be a good person and doing the right thing to make sure that no one was hurt! I feel very upset that they would even think about doing this. The only lesson that is being taught here is, that its okay to not help anyone!! Let's allow others to harm other people to drink and drive. Because if they call us for help we ourselves will be punished as well!! What are we now teaching our youth????     


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