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Dance In The Vampire Bund Omnibus 7-9

                                                        (Cover Artwork)

Book Description: Story & Art by Nozomu Tamaki
This omnibus edition contains volumes 7-9 of the hit manga series Dance in the Vampire Bund.

  Vampire Queen Mine Tepes had been attacked by an enemy using nanotechnology stolen from her own labs. As the Bund's security team struggles to deter this unseen enemy, a new terror strikes. A mysterious assassin confronts Akira and his new partner-in-arms Angie as they pursue the source of the nanomachines. This deadly man of mystery seems to wield a power greater then even Akira's own lycanthropic abilities. As the Bund's security team pursues the enigmatic assassin and tries to ascertain his identity before he can strike again, shocking revelations come to light about the events of Akira's Ritual Ordeal-revelations which might just create a schism between Akira and Mina that can never be healed. 

  • Publisher: Seven Seas Entertainment LLC
  • Publication date: 8/6/2013
  • Series:Dance in the Vampire Bund Series #3
  • Edition description: First Edition
  • Edition number: 1
  • Pages: 656
  • Sales rank: 153,609
  • Product dimensions: 6.08 (w) x 8.06 (h) x 2.00 (d)
                                               (Akira Chapter 44 Artwork)
 Personal View:

 I got this copy the same time I received the last volume. Looking this book over, its has prefect everything! I'm really enjoying the wonderful work that Seven Seas Entertainment puts into the Manga. Thus far the  ranged age for these books haven't changed "Older teen 16+" I ordered this copy  from Barns and Noble for $17.21. If you buy in-store your looking at $19.99 plus tax.

 First off don't get me wrong by me saying this I love the cover artwork, it just seems to be very pinkish. Maybe its because I'm not much of a fan of pink. In the very opening chapter of this new adventure I'm taking we see Akira at Princess Mina's bed side, since she's recovering from the nanotech they found inside her. Right away we see Yuki being pretty much taking the fall for these past events. And as it starts to unfold more. We learn even more about how an where the Werewolf's come from. This part was very interesting, also fascinating to me particularly.

 Myself personally have always been very intrigued by how the authors from many different types of manga or anime come up with these things. Sorry back to topic, we start to see how Akira deals with his lose, plus even more lose later on that coincides with a very near to heart betrayal. His father the leader and commander of the Bewolf filet. "Werewolf's" Try's to play the parent yet also his commanding officer. In trying to help him come to terms with these events.

  I do say though it takes great courage to punch or say slap, your father let alone your higher ranked officer. The words his father used were very well put. I loved how he compared Akira to a BUNNY!! But then further explains how to deal with his feelings.

Lord Regendolf: "Do you grieve for the wounds you bear? It would not be a bad thing. Given what you have endured no one would blame you for crying your eyes red. IF you were a Rabbit. BUT YOU ARE NO RABBIT! YOU ARE A WOLF. Wolves do not cry. They know that wounds given by the fang can only ever be mended by the fang. I have no doubt that her majesty will keep you close and think of you dearly, even should you be a Rabbit. But would that satisfy you? Look back on this life that you have chosen for yourself--Without intervention from me, and ask your heart, is this what you want?"

Akira turns an walks away looking very pissed off.

Lord Regendolf: "I've become talkative in my old ago."

  I will be writing more about what happens in the next omnibus novel that comes out November 5th of this year!!! I have already pre-ordered my copy, have you??? An as always I've also included some more artwork for you. The cover art "above", a handsome one of Akira in his uniform "middle", and the back artwork of the book "below".

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

 Volume Seven:
                                                  Mankind is a species which surrounds its innermost
                                                   self with high, strong walls. Should he ever attempt
                                                  to reach out and overcome this barrier himself, he is
                                                 repulsed almost immediately. Thus it is impossible for
                                                      him to see aught but those towering walls which
                                                    surround him. The castle hidden within lies not only
                                                            unapproachable, but all but invisible.

                                                    However, should a friend -or perhaps an enemy-
                                                    play the role of traitor and lead him through secret
                                                    passageways to the castle beyond, then the story
                                                                              may be different. 

                                               (Back of book artwork)

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