Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Spurting Out a Thought...

     I was out doing errands on "Tuesday 8th, 2013" and I happen to have found myself looking in the book store for a new adventure will say, YES! I will openly say it I love to read... An no please don't sit there and think "OMG! this girl is a total nerd!" :) I'm not anything like Amy A.k.a."Sailor Mercury"{picture listed below} An yes, I do read other things besides Manga. Plus have many other things that are of interest to myself.

   As I was rummaging through the shelves, and trying to decide if I wanted to look into a horror type next read, or just another cuties type book. I dropped a manga on the floor the cover looked quite interesting so I flipped through a few pages, I will personally say the artwork is what keep my attention to want to read a little. I think I read about 6 pages and it was like "Yes, I've found a new interest."

  Of course being in the store Manga ALWAYS happens to be more expensive, so I looked the book up. Just my luck the price was only a dollar different.... So yes, I said "What the hell." And bought it anyways. An knowing me I would have bought the first 5 copy's but they didn't have the fourth in store even though they had every copy up to the latest printed book... It's like curse you manga gods! You drop a good looking read in my lap but you can't give me the first five copy's!!

  Yes, if your someone that like's or love's manga you'll truly understand my pain. But if your new to this type of reading. CONGRATULATIONS! Please enjoy this wonderful word of spectacular art. Since I now have a new manga to talk about I might as well stop gabbing away here and share it with everyone. Hope you enjoy it like I did.   

 -Yes, I took this picture right out of my own
manga book. 

    {Amy Mizuno}                  alternate identity                                    {Sailor Mercury}

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