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Black Bird Series Volume 9

                                                      (Cover Artwork)
Book Description: Story & Art by Kanoko Sakurakouji
He loves her blood, but does he love her?!

  Misao and Kyo finally go all the way, and Misao can’t regret the new levels of intimacy, even though all the other demons seem to be able to tell that they are now lovers.
  But does Kyo feel the same way? Instead of bringing them closer, their new status seems to make him turn away from Misao. Is that just the nature of guys, be they human or demon?
  Or is there something darker behind Kyo’s sudden lack of warmth?
                                                                       (Vol. 9, Chapter 32 Opening Artwork)

Product Details
  • ISBN-13: 9781421537740
  • Publisher: VIZ Media LLC
  • Publication date: 7/5/2011
  • Series: Black Bird Series, #9
  • Edition description: Original
  • Pages: 200
  • Sales rank: 194,638
  • Product dimensions: 7.32 (w) x 5.10 (h) x 0.64 (d)
Personal View:

   I got this copy from Barns and noble (same time I bought Volumes 4-17) in store for $9.99 plus tax, it's priced the same online. Unless you would like it for a Nook I believe its $5.99. The ranged age hasn't been change "Older teen 16+". This time the our color for our cover artwork is in more then two colors!! Yeh! Two different shades of blue, orange and black. I did get used to seeing both of the main characters, but Lord Kyo is looking pretty sharp here by himself. If you really pay attention to the detail in his face, you kinda see that bad boy look. Saying "Yeh! man I have something to hide." Or that I am hiding a very near dear to the heart secret, that I have totally did something I shouldn't. But I enjoyed it. Should I feel bad??
                                                      (Vol. 9, Chapter 33)
  Sakurakouji really played this part out So.. well, and the way she has Lord Kyo look. Its pretty much like hes changed in a way. That his darker side may come out, just like his brother Lord Sho. As life carry's on, other demons start to yield to the Tengu Clan one after an other. Even Lord Kyo's best friend the head of the Fox demon clan Lord Tadanobu. Is the first one to share his congratulations on their new union. Sending his familiar will say with a gift. It's just very strange to Lady Misao that all these other demons now know that Lord Kyo has finally bedded her.  
   Lord Kyo starts to become very distance to Lady Misao, yes I understand at this point how much he cares for her. An I know hes only doing it so that she wont be harmed in anyway. Since they've been trying to follow the Zenka Roku, as more of a guide lines. But when other people start to get hurt, it does affect their relationship even more. Yes, Lord Kyo easily over powers these attackers. With all the frustration Lady Misao starts to blame herself for the humans being involved. With Lord Kyo seeing her distress he tells her to pick the humans over them. He pretty much kicks her out of the house in tears.

   As shes headed home, Lady Misao runs into her friend Raikoh. Whom put the curse on Lord Kyo's life to start with. As she's about to accept Raikon's hand to go back over to humanity Lord Kyo rushes in and threatens him, that if he sees him again he'll kill him on the spot. He portrays himself to be this monstrous evil demon, who has raped Lady Misao, besides possessing her with his demon ways to keep. Yes, we all know it was his way of trying to take Lady Misao's feeling of guilt or sin away from her.

  So that she doesn't feel the need to bear the weight of all the human people being harmed. An that he was just extremely jealous too, besides that he can't truly ever let her go. Now that their finally back together again. In ways his feelings of love for Lady Misao is slowly consuming him, and driving his need to keep her. Once again he takes her, Lady Misao is nothing more then extremely happy. That her lover wants her body and soul. But Lord Kyo is still determined to play that role of I'm a demon why do you love me, when I want to eat you up.                                                                          

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

 I will say though it was very hard trying to find the artwork for this chapter. Without having to copy it right out of my own volume.

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