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Black Bird Series Volume 7

                                                       (Cover Artwork)
Book Description: Story & Art by Kanoko Sakurakouji
He loves her blood, but does he love her?!

 Misao knows her relationship with Kyo is dangerous, but she's used to being the one in peril! Will she be able to stand it when the tables are turned and Kyo is threatened?
 As leader of the Tengu clan and boyfriend of the Senka Maiden, Kyo gets a lot of attention in the demon world, and very little of it is good. From the wrath of a reincarnated dragon to the hatred of a demon hunter, Misao must face the fact that she isn't the only one at risk in the relationship. But how can she just stand by while Kyo is threatened?! But how can she just stand by while Kyo is threatened??

                                                                                                        (Opening chapter)

Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9781421533117
  • Publisher: VIZ Media LLC
  • Publication date: 2/1/2011
  • Series: Black Bird Series, #7
  • Edition description: Original
  • Pages: 200
  • Sales rank: 198,300
  • Product dimensions: 4.90 (w) x 7.40 (h) x 0.70 (d)                                              

            (Vol. 7 Chapter 26, Emotional Distress)
Personal View:

  I got this copy from Barns and noble (same time I bought Volumes 4-17) in store for $9.99 plus tax, it's priced the same online. Unless you would like it for a Nook I believe its $5.99. The ranged age hasn't been change "Older teen 16+". The cover colors are green, and black. Once again Sakurakouji does a fabulous cover art. I think when Sakurakouji created the cover artworks, she was imagining Lord Kyo and Lady Misao being in the court yard of Lord Kyo's home next to Lady Misao's home.
{Part 1}                                                                                                      {Part 2}
   Well... Well... This volume opens up to Lord Kyo in the classroom, (Remember he shadows at a Math teacher, so to keep a better eye on Lady Misao). He's taking roll call, and finds that Lady Misao isn't in class. One of her classmates tell him she's not feeling well, that she went to the school nurse. When class was over her to friends check in on her. It's totally funny that she jumps up to leave with them, she confides in her two friends. "If your boyfriend was unfaithful to you... what would you do?" They discuss the situation to the
to the best of her ability without
without telling them everything. 

{Part 3}                                                                                                   {Part 4}                              
   As the emotional toll is giving her great stress, {I think any girl would be completely depressed by this, and most likely break down to absolutely nothing.} She tries to keep control of herself, and go along with it for the greater of the clan. Trying to console herself that its just something you have to deal with being a clan leaders "Wife". But she eventually breaks down, an has a freak attack over it. Come to find out it was her punishment for kissing Sho. "When she was trying to protect herself! Kinda lame I think...

{Part 5}                                                                                             {Part 6}              

  I just thought I would share this section of this chapter, maybe you'll agree with me on the lame part. Maybe not but at least your given a chance to read it and deiced for yourself. I just believe it was a little over done on his part, and mostly pretty cruel of a punishment. But knowing what we do so far, I can see how that is how Lord Kyo acts. He has a sick since of humor sometimes.

{Part 7}                                                                                                       {Part 8}

{Part 9}                                                                                                      {Part 10}
  When Lord Kyo takes Lady Misao home for the night, her mother is rushing out the door to her fathers side because hes became ill. She asks Kyo to stay at the house with Misao so that she's safe, he gladly accepts. In the chapter, I would say YES they are in a way playing house like big time!! It's very more funny when Lord Kyo carry's Lady Misao into the bathroom. Then drops her into the bath. I would say then that it goes over PG status.

                                                               {Part 11}

   When Lady Misao's parents finally come home, they have with someone who's like Misao he can see spirits. Be he lives at a shrine so I would kinda expect some type of spiritual parts. He knows right away what Lord Kyo is, and he's not very happy about it. Things escalate from their, and poor Misao is put under a spiritual spell. I'm very interested to see how this next part is going to turn out in the next volume. Hope to see you all their. Hopefully your enjoying the books so far.
                                              (Vol. 7, Chapter 27)
Overall Rating: 5 Stars
I couldn't help it I had to share
another picture of the triplest their
so cute!! :)

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