Saturday, October 12, 2013




   A big thanks to everyone for keeping up with my little blog. We're at 525 views in such a short time period! I really owe it all to you guy's. Like I said before I will take your requests as they come. I read over each one, individually and decided "IF I can find a copy some where and that its within my budget." That I will add it to my reading list. If by any reason I can't post about what your requesting I will tell you. But fear not my fellow Manga and Anime lovers of the world. I have plenty of sources. So please don't feel that I've just dumped your messages in the empty out file. With each new Manga or Anime I'm asking to discuss I do look into them. Because I'm always open to reading new different types of Manga. I do enjoy them very much, but most of all I truly love the artwork. That each new author who's work I've come to read I appreciate their hard work and their wonderful abilities.

 Once again thank you very much. Enjoy the pictures, their just some of the other manga series I will hopefully get around to posting about some day. :)

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