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A.I. Love You

                                                         (Cover Artwork)
Book Description: Story & Art by Ken Akamatsu

 The story centres on Hitoshi Kōbe, a guy who is neither academically gifted nor good at sports, so he does not do very well at school.

  Hitoshi has only one thing going for him - his ability to program computers. In fact, he is so good at this he has created programs that can rewrite themselves - Artificial Intelligence, in other words. So far he has created thirty of these programs, and the latest - whom he names Saati ( The Japanese pronunciation of the English word "Thirty" )- is so advanced that conversation with her is indistinguishable from a normal girl and, thus, would easily pass the Turning test.

  However, there is still the barrier of Hitoshi being in the physical world and Saati being a program, until one day a freak lightning strike materializes her into the real world, where she becomes the girlfriend of Hitoshi.

  The series then follows their now not so ordinary lives, as well as other A.I.s of Hitoshi's creation. The basic plotline is derivative of the Kōsuke Fujishima manga Oh My Goddess!, with the AI constructs being analogous to the goddess characters of the earlier manga. The setting also bears similarities to the John Hughes film Weird Science. Both feature male protagonists creating their ideal girlfriends on computers and both girls are brought into the real world via lightning, bearing somewhat superhuman powers. Despite these obvious similarities however, Akamatsu claims not to have seen the film prior to creating the series.

Product Details
  • ISBN-13: 9781591826156
  • Publisher: TOKYOPOP
  • Publication date: 2/1/2004
  • Series: A.I. Love You Series, #1
  • Edition description: Not appropriate for children
  • Pages: 224
  • Product dimensions: 5.00 (w) x 7.30 (h) x 0.49 (d)

 Personal View:

 Alright yes, I kinda cheated with my info above. So all credit goes to wonderful "Wikipedia" this time. Also you can find even more info on the website I've listed below. I just really wanted to get this manga out today. Now that I've gotten that taken care of.

 This great A.I. manga was written by Ken Akamatsu. I first feel in love with his work back when I read "Love Hina". I did my post on this great series back on 10/18/13. Feel free to go back and check it out. I know that its listed above that this series is more based for a teen mind, but from what I can remember I don't see anything wrong if a Pre-teen read it. Yet, again I'm not your mommy here. The artwork is great, I totally love how he draws his charters faces.

   I posted all the cover artwork throughout this post. I sometimes have to show that great appreciation to all the hard work the author puts into this. I do have to sadly report this manga is no longer on sale, so your best bet would be Amazon etc type places. An some of the prices I saw were fair. So if you do happen to get your hands on this I would love to hear your feed back.

Read Online: *Note - Online version is different from American version
Now I know many of you really love that I post links below so you can read the series for free. But I really tried as hard as I could to find it, an couldn't. :( 
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